Diving in…


A while back – well, by now a long time ago – I found a series of notebooks.

Well, I don’t know for sure if they were a series or different sets or even if they were written by different people. What I can say is that they were written in a singular hand. Maybe just transcribed, but if so, why such a task would be entrusted to someone with such lousy handwriting!…

I also don’t know if they are true. I mean, whether everything in them happened, or, if they happened in the way they were set down. I mean, the overall facts line-up with events as far as I’ve been able to corroborate them. More or less. I can’t quite tell if all these particular people existed. All I can say is that their stories seemed plausible enough, to me….

It’s possible this was the start of a manuscript. Or, maybe two? I’ve divided the result into two books. Made sense…, in a way….

I’m not sure if they do go together… I mean, they arrived together…. That’s not strictly true…, more on that in a bit. The more I went over them the more convinced I became that they did belong together.

Anyway, I’ve gone to the trouble of putting this all here, getting it in front of you. No mean feat! I tell you! Don’t know how many times I almost gave up!

The notebooks. Once I got them all…, I mean, they didn’t all arrive at one go. It was only later, after I’d begun with this crazy notion that most of the second batch surfaced.

I can’t really get into how they came to me.

I mean it. I’m not quite sure. That’s not important!

It came to me to see how they might fit together. Some of it was obvious. I think obvious to you too….

After a series of false starts the whole thing took on a particular shape. Like I started to say, some of it was obvious: the same people, events following each other, people knowing each other. But then, other parts where not so clear.

Two things mostly, can be said with some confidence: it all pertains to Provincetown and it all took place in one or the other of these two blocks of time. You’ll see that as you go.

In the end, It wasn’t obvious that everything I had gathered, let’s say found, would fit. Some fragments had to stay. I’ve left some out. Hope I chose the right ones!

In the end…, I know, I keep saying that! I mean…, Does it end? Does it hold together?

Well, I just wanted to let you know this at the start.

Then, I didn’t. I wasn’t going to include this note. Lost my nerve. Thought it might scare you off!

I did resolve to let you know now….

Maybe I’ll have more to say, later.

You know, at the end….








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