Why Fragments?


This site is a window into the ongoing project that is Shoal Hope.

It’s titled “Fragments….”

Fragments both because that is what you will find here, not the complete manuscript, and also because this is how this work appears. So far it does not “add-up” as a conventional novel. Too conventional to be taken as experimental. Too difficult to distinguish between what may be faults and what is essential for it to remain true to what it hints at being.

Shoal Hope is a mystery. To me as much as to anyone. This site is intended as a place to take a look at this mystery… that’s not quite right … to take many looks from many different angles and see what we can make of the mystery.

Not to solve it, but to arrive at as much clarity as I can manage.

Edited chapters will be posted along with musings on the nature of the work, on what might help frame what is there, on what might need to be added or changed.

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